FarmbenchFarmbench logo is AHDB’s new benchmarking system and has been designed to help farmers measure and manage multi-enterprises on a single platform.  It is designed to be used by benchmarking groups, as well as by individual farmers, farm business consultants and accountants.

There are also other tools that can be used:

Herd and Flock notebooks are useful for recording key data such as information around lambing and calving, ear tag data and animal weights. To request a copy please email us or call 024 7647 8834.

Stocktake Lite  is the home of the AHDB Beef & Lamb suite of farm data recording tools, including everything from physical and financial comparison tools to online management calendars.  These tools are a useful starting point for any farmers wanting to use online recording tools and are also useful for vets and advisers running farmer clubs and groups.

Stocktake report data is collected and validated from hundreds of beef and sheep enterprises around the country. These annual figures have become the industry standard by which English beef and lamb producers can benchmark their physical and financial performance and look at areas where there is scope for improvement. Access the latest report .

The Agri benchmark beef and sheep network provides a forum to compare international beef and sheep costs of production. AHDB Beef & Lamb is the UK representative partner in the agri benchmark network. We provide our country’s information and data on typical beef and sheep farms, as well as sector developments and receive the same information from the rest of the world.