Are your stock in spec?

In 2015, 45% of lambs and 48% of cattle failed to meet target specification for fat or carcase conformation. With processors focused on fulfilling customer requirements, animals that are not meeting specification are having a significant impact on producer profitability. Increasing the number of livestock meeting market requirements is a key objective in the AHDB Beef & Lamb strategy. The resources below will help producers meet target specification and deliver what consumers want, in order to optimise profitability and future-proof their farm enterprise ahead of Brexit.

Selection Team

A team of selection specialists has been recruited by AHDB Beef & Lamb as part of this work. Based across the country, the fully trained team is now available to give selection talks and demonstrations to beef and lamb producer and stakeholder groups.

The map below shows the location and the contact details for the team. If you are an individual looking for more information please contact your Knowledge Exchange team.

For further information about the selection team contact Amy Fawcett, Knowledge Exchange Manager Beef & Lamb on 07805 804806 or email ku.gr1513285291o.bdh1513285291a@tte1513285291cwaF.1513285291ymA1513285291.


1 Ian Cairns T: 07469 203088

E: moc.k1513285291ooltu1513285291o@snr1513285291iacri1513285291 1513285291

Beef & Lamb
2 James Hadwin T: 07739 176667

E: ku.oc1513285291.ycna1513285291tlusn1513285291ocirg1513285291ahj@n1513285291iwdah1513285291j1513285291

Beef & Lamb
3 Richard Whittington T: 07787 501253

E: ku.oc1513285291.ooha1513285291y@pee1513285291hshsa1513285291lf1513285291

4 Laura Masters T: 07753 900057

E: ku.oc1513285291.liam1513285291toh@m1513285291rafeg1513285291narg_1513285291ml1513285291

5 Tim Bastable T: 07968 343636

E: ku.oc1513285291.ilac1513285291sit@91513285291134_m1513285291it1513285291

6 Matt Hobbs T: 07519 969356

E: ku.oc1513285291.liam1513285291toh@s1513285291bbohy1513285291bsorc1513285291

7 John Wescott T: 07813 650758

E: moc.t1513285291cenno1513285291ctb@a1513285291tadir1513285291ga1513285291

Beef & Lamb
8 Charles Bull T: 07825 665498

E: moc.t1513285291enret1513285291nitb@151328529140dre1513285291h_llu1513285291b1513285291

Beef & Lamb
9 William Waterfield T: 07785 530487

E: moc.c1513285291irgag1513285291cf@dl1513285291eifre1513285291taw.w1513285291




BRP activity equips beef and sheep producers with the skills to improve their returns by selecting animals for specific market requirements and ensuring they meet target specification.

BRP selection for slaughter literature can be downloaded in pdf format below.


Manual 2 - Marketing prime beef cattle for better returns