Stocktake 2016 provides a reference document against which English beef & sheep farmers can benchmark their own performance and enterprise costs. These annual figures have become the industry standard by which English beef and lamb producers can benchmark their performance on costs of production and look at areas where there is scope for improvement.

Stocktake 2016The Stocktake data is collected through the AHDB Beef & Lamb in-house team. This system obtains a wide variety of on-farm data from a range of farms and enterprises with production years ending in the period between April 2015 and March 2016.

For comparison purposes, Stocktake 2015 is still available.

For information on AHDB Beef and Lamb farm data recording tools, with everything from physical and financial benchmarking models, to online management calendars visit Stocktake Lite.

The individual pdfs can be downloaded from the table below: