AHDB Beef & Lamb/MSD Animal Health Senior Clinical Training Scholarship (Residency) in Farm Animal Pathology

Project Number:             61110052

Lead Contractor:            University of Nottingham

Other Contractors:        Farm Post Mortems

Start and end dates:     01 February 2017 – 31 January 2020


The Problem:

Pathology expertise underpins disease diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance and is vital for the health and welfare of the UK beef and sheep industries. Traditionally dependent on government funded laboratories, the UK now faces a shortage of farm animal pathologists with no structured educational scheme in place to replace the rapidly declining pool of expertise. In 2015, the extent of the problem was highlighted by BBSRC when they listed veterinary pathology as a vulnerable skill.


Aims and Objectives:

  • To ensure farm animal pathology expertise continues to exist
  • To create a sustainable training course for future farm animal pathologists
  • To support current practising farm animal veterinary surgeons in their disease diagnosis and post mortem skills
  • To ensure efficient and economical on-farm post-mortems benefit the producer
  • To create data that provides information for the producer allowing treatment and preventative measures to be delivered in a timely manner



A veterinary surgeon will be trained in farm animal veterinary pathology, with a focus on beef and sheep. The time of the resident will be split 50:50 between the University of Nottingham (UoN) and Farm Post Mortems Ltd (FPM).

The resident will work closely with cattle and sheep specialists at the University of Nottingham to undertake a number of smaller research projects during the residency. Data generated at Farm Post Mortems Ltd will be used to create new knowledge on existing endemic disease, with the aim of creating further guidance for the producer.