Animal Bytes – farmer-friendly summaries of research published by British Society of Animal Science

Project number:                    74603

Lead contractor:                   British Society of Animal Science

Partners:                                   EBLEX, DairyCo, BPEX

Start & end date:                   01/ April 2009 – 31 March 2014


The Problem:

Information from the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) meetings and the Society’s journal Animal may not be readily understood by the wider industry.  The results could be readily applicable but a communication route is needed.

BSAS will provide short and incisive bytes of information on topical themes and current research within the field of UK Animal Science.  They will be presented in a more readable format for end-users such as farmers, technical advisors, policy makers and students.


Project Aims:

  1. To produce 12 beef and sheep articles per year,  which will feature on the Animal Bytes website (



BSAS will be developed and managed the Animal Bytes website.  Each article will be written by an agricultural journalist, and will link to the full summary, powerpoint presentation or full paper where available.  Contact details for the main author of the article will be provided.  Representatives from the sector companies will be on the BSAS Education and Communications Committee to assist with the management of Animal Bytes.  The sector companies will be responsible for promoting the website to their levy payers.



Articles on topical themes and current research will be readily available, and will be an important method of communicating research findings.