Meat eating quality and safety

The meat eating quality and safety research programme aims to:

  • Identify and understand how to manipulate the factors that determine the eating quality (and consistency of quality) of red meat from field to point of sale. These include flavour and tenderness, physical/chemical factors, processing factors and environmental factors.
  • Evaluate the use of new techniques in assessing meat and carcase quality.
  • Investigate means of increasing the value realised from the carcase and reducing the cost of meat recovery, including the use of automated technology.
  • Understand and evaluate the opportunities and threats for red meat, in terms of human nutrition, e.g. zinc, selenium, Vitamin E, CLA, PUFAs, salt.

Click here to see the 2011 literature review on factors influencing beef quality.

Click here to see the 2012 literature review on factors influencing lamb quality.

Details of our latest meat eating quality and safety research projects can be accessed via the menu on the left or by clicking the links below. Please select beef or sheep based on your area of interest, or email the R&D team about meat eating quality and safety.