2017 AHDB Postgraduate Studentship Call

The 2017 AHDB Postgraduate Studentship Call has now closed (deadline for submission: midday on Tuesday 03 October 2017).

Specific terms relating to the call and all relevant documentation for submitting proposals can be found on the AHDB website.  The invitation is open to all UK universities, colleges and research institutes.

All organisations will be informed of the results of the selection process by Friday 19 January 2018.

Queries and further information requests for AHDB Beef & Lamb should be sent to ku.gr1508284857o.bdh1508284857a@spi1508284857hstne1508284857duts1508284857.  Please note ‘AHDB Beef’ in the subject header.


The R&D budget covers funded R&D projects, postgraduate student awards and some on-going industry support activities.  Within the R&D project spend, it is recognised that any R&D strategy cannot define all the possible issues that will arise within a given time frame.  Also, a very prescriptive strategy would run the risk of excluding innovative ideas of potential benefit to the industry.  The R&D funds are therefore provisionally allocated between “proactive and “reactive funding.  In addition, over a cycle of 3-5 years, the proportion of the R&D spend on beef and sheep related activity will be balanced to match the levy income.

In addition, the Better Returns Programme (BRP) covers funded projects through the Farmer Innovation Grants (FIG) scheme. Funding for 2016/17 is now  closed.

 Process for application for research funding

The link below will take you to a full explanation of the application process.  Please ensure that all requirements are followed to avoid any delay in submitting to the AHDB Beef & Lamb R&D Committee.

New forms for applying for R&KE funding and a guidance document have been developed and can be found on the procurement page of the main AHDB website. Please click here to access them. Old sector forms should not be used after 01 December 2016 apart from where there is a current open call issued before 01 December 2016. AHDB Terms and Conditions can also be found on this page.

Submission deadline dates

Unless stated otherwise on Calls for Proposals and Invitations to Tender, the submission deadlines are:

Deadlines:                                           For Committee consideration on:


Friday 22 September 2017           Wednesday 01 November 2017


Proposals/Outline Proposals

If you are seeking research funding other than in response to a call or invitation to tender, you are strongly advised to ensure it meets one of AHDB Beef and Lamb’s R&D priority areas.

Constraints on types of research undertaken

As a general rule, the AHDB Beef & Lamb Board has decided that AHDB Beef & Lamb R&D will not support the evaluation of commercial products.  A detailed policy has been agreed by the R&D Committee, which can be found below:

If you would like to be kept up to date on AHDB Beef & Lamb proposal calls, please forward your contact details to ku.gr1508284857o.bdh1508284857a@hcr1508284857aeseR1508284857, thank you.