SCOPS Resistance Survey

SCOPS resistance survey of sheep wormers

Project number:                    7392

Lead contractor:                   Dr Colin Morgan, CSL York

Partner:                                  Leslie Stubbings

Start & end date:                   01/03/08 -01/10/08


The Problem:

Parasitic nematodes represent one of the most serious animal health problems of grazing livestock in the UK causing significant economic loss and animal welfare problems. Gastrointestinal nematode infections alone cost the UK sheep industry £65 million per annum.

Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) initiative was established by the industry to offer farmers and vets advice on how to combat the growing problem of anthelmintic resistance (AR) in the treatment of worm parasites.  This project is part of a wider project to review the SCOPS initiative, and validate its recommendations.


Project Aims:

  1. To evaluate methods used for monitoring resistance to anthelmintics in sheep worm populations.
  2. To compare in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostic methods that currently have little published data to demonstrate their relevance to practical control.
  3. To underpin and expand on data and findings derived from a Defra funded SCOPS project (ODO550) managed at CSL.



The student will become proficient at conducting diagnostic techniques employed by Faecal Egg Count Test and Larval Development Tests.  They will also be involved in faecal sampling and data collection on participating farms will be carried out in collaboration with farmers and vets.



The information gathered by this project will be publicised by EBLEX, with SCOPS, through briefings and articles in agricultural press.