Landscapes without Livestock

Livestock bring many benefits to their respective environments and the positives about livestock production should not be ignored. To help illustrate this, AHDB Beef & Lamb commissioned an independent report ‘Landscapes without Livestock’ which examines the potential impact on some of England’s most cherished landscapes if beef cattle herds and sheep flocks declined or disappeared as a result of the industry becoming unsustainable.The report has been compiled with input from farmers, ecologists, landscape specialists and experts from AHDB Beef & Lamb.


Less Favoured Area (LFA) Upland

North York Moors now




North York Moors in 30 years




Permanent Pasture

Romney Marsh now




Romney Marsh in 30 years




The report includes:

  • Panoramic photographs of each landscape in its current state
  • Photomontages produced at year three, year 10 and year 30
  • Narratives for each landscape also set out the story of future change shown graphically by the photomontages
  • Trajectories of change based on agricultural capabilities of each landscape.

Landscapes without Livestock is an authoritative report which adds expert evidence to the debate about the beef and lamb sector and its impact on the environment. View the full report. It is designed as a tool for the whole industry. As such, we are happy for other organisations to use the report provided it is made clear that the course is AHDB Beef and Lamb/LUC.

The environmental impact of the sector has also been covered extensively in AHDB Beef & Lamb’s environmental roadmaps:

  1. Change in the Air
  2. Testing the Water
  3. Down to earth