Industry-wide consultation on prime lamb reporting in Great Britain



AHDB, together with HCC and QMS, is undertaking an industry-wide consultation to gather opinions on whether the Standard Quality Quotation (SQQ) weight bands should be amended.

We invite you to share your views by completing a short survey below .


Where we are today

The SQQ is the sheep industry’s most frequently used price measure for prime lambs. It is an average price for all lambs marketed within predefined weight bands. It is a standard measure which has been used consistently over many years. The SQQ is also used and understood as an indication of the ‘target range’ for marketing lambs.

In auction markets, the SQQ is currently defined as lambs weighing between 25.5kg and 45.5kg. Auction market prices generally peak at 40kg and fall away fairly evenly either side of this point; the mid-point of the current range is 35kg.  For the deadweight market, the range is for carcases weighing between 12kg and 21.5kg.

To capture views on the SQQ weight bands, AHDB talked to a number of auction markets and processors in spring 2017, who offered a range of opinions, with the majority of them suggesting that the SQQ weight bands should be changed.

AHDB consequently established a GB working group, working closely with experts from HCC and QMS, in order to undertake further analysis and consolidate options for an industry wide consultation.

We are now seeking the industry’s view and would like to know your opinion on whether the current SQQ weight bands should be changed.


What we would like you to do

We would like you to undertake a short survey that should take no more than five minutes to complete.  We will ask you to rank three auction market weight band options:

A.   No change to current weight bands
B.   Remove the ‘light’ weight band
C.   All weight bands redefined

Each option is detailed in the table below and suggests the weight bands, highlighted in green, which would be included in the SQQ.  It also shows the number of lambs and the resultant SQQ price.



SQQ table


If you choose Options B or C as your first choice, you will also be asked if the deadweight weight bands should also be changed.

You can complete the survey online .

Alternatively, if you would like to participate by post, please email ku.gr1513278520o.bdh1513278520a@IM1513278520 for a survey pack.


Next steps

The survey closes on 31st December 2017 and the feedback will be analysed thereafter.  The results will be available in the New Year and changes, if any, will be implemented in spring 2018.


The small  print

For more details on Options A to C, including a breakdown for England, Scotland and Wales please click here.

At the end of the survey there is the opportunity for you to let us know who you are. You can of course remain anonymous. If you choose to provide us with these details please be aware that they may be subject to publication or disclosure in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

AHDB will publish anonymised aggregated results for the industry’s information and may share individual responses with HCC and QMS for analysis purposes.