Auction market reports are posted at the close of sale, providing up-to-the-minute price information from the liveweight sector.

Individual market prices are posted at the close of sale with provisional regional reports being updated by 17:30 on the day of sale. Final prices are updated by 12:30 the following day. Average regional weekly market prices are uploaded each Monday.

Individual Auction Markets

Here you will find reports for individual finished auction markets to include average prices for prime cattle, cull cows and prime sheep.

Prices from individual markets are posted here as they are received from the auction markets at the close of sale.

Auction markets are listed under the day of sale. Select the market you are interested in and the latest average prices will be displayed – for historical market prices, please call 024 7647 8765.

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Compare Auction Markets

Here you can compare prices from multiple auction markets. Select up to four individual markets from the drop down list boxes and Click Submit

NOTE: the values are averages

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Daily GB Regional Average

Overview of the daily report – Daily provisional reports are posted by 17:30 on the days of sale with regional reports being posted by noon the day following sale.

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Weekly GB Regional Averages

Overview of the weekly report – Weekly reports are posted each Monday afternoon (Tuesday following Bank Holidays).

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Weekly regional store and rearing calf prices

Regional weekly average auction market reports are posted each Monday (Tuesday following Bank Holidays).

Click on the required region to view the weekly prices from each region.

Source: AHDB market intelligence

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