Consumer marketing

Getting our message out to consumers to cook with beef and lamb has become increasingly complex in recent years. We now live in a multimedia world where people can choose from hundreds of TV channels as well as consuming media online, on mobile devices, and through gaming and social media.

Our consumer marketing team regularly review our target audiences’ media usage to ensure we select the most cost-effective ways of persuading consumers to regularly cook with beef and lamb.

 Fay Ripley joins Simply Beef and Lamb to tell mums about Mini Roasts for kids

mini roastFrom October 2015 to January 2016 Simply Beef and Lamb joined star of Cold Feet and celebrity chef Fay Ripley in singing the praises of the humble mini roast.

Designed to drive purchase of beef and lamb mini roasts the campaign used a combination of video, social media posts and competitions, stories in women’s magazines, articles in the national press and blogger influencing events to get mini roasts noticed and understood by Britain’s parents.

By telling the story of how fast and simple it is to feed the kids a nutritious mid-week meal, parents began to interact with Simply beef and lamb and recognise the value of the mini roast.

The campaign was featured in the Daily Mail and The Mail Online, The Sunday Mirror, S Mag, MiniKin Guardian Supplement and Best Magazine among others. Over 34,000 people viewed the recipe video and there were 91 discussion points and blog posts written targeting mums by our influential bloggers. Coverage of the campaign has a reach of over 12 million so far with more to come.

Trade marketing

We engage and collaborate with the marketplace throughout the year through our work with multiple retailers, foodservice outlets, wholesalers, and the independent butchery sector.

We work with a variety of retailers, from the supermarkets to the independents. We undertake a number of cut and category specific campaigns to help retailers in their promotion of homegrown beef and lamb. This can be achieved through a range of resources, from recipes to point-of-sale material and knowledge transfer of new product developments (NPD).

Understanding trends within the market is central to our trade marketing work. We analyse and share this market information and provide insights on industry developments relating to beef and lamb.

We also work closely with the foodservice sector and their suppliers to ensure that English beef and lamb is readily available and marketed to consumers eating out of home. Our promotional activities for the foodservice sector range from producing menu resources to organising pop-restaurants to showcasing the latest dining trends for beef and lamb menus to profit from.

Communicating the benefits of quality beef and lamb to journalists

When it comes to promoting the benefits of quality beef and lamb, influencing journalists is just as important as communicating the message directly to the end consumer.

Meat elite logoThrough our ‘Meat Elite’ programme we work with key press titles to provide them with insights, trends and expertise they would otherwise not have access to.  Through a series of events and ongoing media placements we seek to keep beef and lamb front of mind and position ourselves as the ‘go-to’ experts, whether this be for information on new cuts, access to farmer profiles or up and coming food trends. By influencing them we are ultimately ensuring that positive articles and programming appear around beef and lamb in press and media, driving consumers to purchase.

DVL journalistOver the last year we have run two events. For the first we delved into the science behind meat ageing and for the second we showcased the cut development work undertaken by AHDB Beef & Lamb. Both were well received and with positive write ups so far from the likes of Sainsbury’s Magazine and The Telegraph with a steak master class event for food bloggers to come.