Consumer marketing

Getting our message out to consumers to cook with beef and lamb has become increasingly complex in recent years. We now live in a multimedia world where people can choose from hundreds of TV channels as well as consuming media online, on mobile devices, and through gaming and social media.

Our consumer marketing team regularly review our target audiences’ media usage to ensure we select the most cost-effective ways of persuading consumers to regularly cook with beef and lamb.

Max and Maggie – Lamb Support Campaign September to October 2015

Meet Max and Maggie, Max lives on a sheep farm in Hallow, Worcestershire with his mummy and daddy, big brother Toby and his sheepdog Maggie. Max dreams of being a sheep farmer, just like them, when he grows up and the new Red Tractor campaign aims to support him and his family in making that dream stay alive.

Mag & Maggie


In conjunction with SimplyBeefandLamb, the Red Tractor Max and Maggie campaign will be promoting the versatility and flavour of lamb to the key consumer group of mothers aged 25 to 54. Using Max and Maggie, fifth-generation farmers, a real family passionate about their future, the campaign will make potential consumers think about the heritage of farming, the future and drive them to reconsider lamb and how perfectly it fits their needs, both as a quick midweek tea or a relaxed weekend roast.

The campaign is running for five full weeks from September 14 and is just one element of our consumer marketing work to support our levy payers. Other ongoing activity includes the EU lamb campaign, retailer, foodservice and butchers work, youth campaign LambSoccuts development work, journalist influencer and recipe work.

Max and Maggie will be reaching out to our “Mum consumers where they spend their daily lives online:

MumsNet – With over 14 million visits a month and reportedly 7.7million members MumsNet is hugely influential with our target market and with their combination of campaigning for things they believe in and recipe/food focus they are perfect for Max and Maggie. From the second week of the campaign MumsNet will have editorial about Max and Maggie and Lamb, recipe links, a competition to win Max‘s Tractor, social media posts to their 110,000+ followers and digital advertisements.

Digital Adverts – a five-week campaign of digital adverts on websites where our consumers spend their time will be responsively targeted. Meaning the campaign will look at online behaviours, user profiles and interests and adverts will appear where our “mums spend their time. These will click through to an exciting campaign site with games, competitions, recipes, cut choices and information about the Red Tractor and Quality Standard Marks.

Simple Beef & Lamb recipes


Food Service  –  not all about lamb from shelf. A lot of our levy payers‘ product goes through purchase from menu, so the Red Tractor campaign will be promoting through digital adverts and a new social media hashtag #TryTheLamb, the choice of lamb on menu when people are thinking about eating out and chefs are choosing which dishes to put on their specials boards this autumn. Sites such as TripAdvisor will be targeted.

Social Media – our consumers spend a lot of time on social media, mainly Facebook and to a lesser extent twitter #MaxLovesLamb. Red Tractor in combination with the SimplyBeefandLamb feeds will be pushing Max and Maggie adverts, posts about competitions, recipe and cut information and other content persuading people to choose lamb tonight throughout the campaign. This will include:

Max’s Flock Game  – Max has lost his flock, can you help him round them up? Addictive for the adults and perfect to play with the kids. Max’s Flock Game will engage our mums in a fun way whilst serving them with information about the quality marks, recipes and why they should try tasty easy lamb.

Mag & Maggie game

Your Perfect Meal Quiz – this fun online quiz is a little bit cheeky, using appealing quick graphics consumers can take the quiz and be given their perfect lamb meal match (with a link to recipe). It’s fun, easy and shareable so that their friends and family can take the quiz too. They also have the chance to win a £100 Lamb Hamper!

So get involved, find out about Max and Maggie here, take the quiz play the game and get sharing!

Mag & Maggie quiz

Promoting lamb to consumers 2014/15 – a campaign roundup


Trade marketing

AHDB Beef & Lamb’s trade marketing team supports businesses throughout the retail and foodservice supply chains for beef and lamb.

It works with businesses to help improve their operational effectiveness and adds value by assisting with beef and lamb product development, marketing and promotion. This includes everything from development of point of sale marketing materials to meat purchasing guides and membership of the Quality Standard Mark scheme.