Consumer marketing

Getting our message out to consumers has become increasingly complex in recent years. We now live in a multimedia world, where people can choose from hundreds of TV channels as well as consuming media online, on mobile devices, and through gaming and social media.

Our consumer marketing team regularly review our target audiences’ media usage to ensure we select the most cost-effective ways of persuading consumers to regularly cook with beef and lamb.

Details of our current campaigns can be found below. For recipes and more information visit  the Simply Beef & Lamb website and view the consumer marketing promotional calendar, which details campaigns held throughout the year.


Make my mine a #MiniRoast

mini roast beefOur popular mini roast campaign returned to television screens for a third year on 24 October. The campaign was designed to encourage consumers to enjoy a lamb or beef joint during the week rather than waiting until the weekend, the focus of the 2016 campaign was on promoting the mini roast as a perfect date night meal to young couples aged 25-34, enabling them to make quality time for each other during the week.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb trade development team  worked with multiple food retailers and processors to support the campaign, as well as with Red Tractor, who offered consumers an opportunity to “win a mini break with a mini roast”, as part of the TV campaign and on-pack activity in-store.


Keema spices up mealtimes

Lamb keema

Launched on 1 September, our lamb keema campaign aimed to encourage consumers to include lamb mince on their weekly menu through an easy, multi-purpose keema recipe. Keema is a simple, spiced lamb mince dish which can be sprinkled on salads, eaten with pasta, rice or potatoes, or stuffed in a pitta.

This year we were informing Britain’s parents about how keema can be the perfect family dish during the back-to-school period using our Keema Nans, women who have raised families on keema and are successful cooks themselves. TV chefs and other ambassadors helped to promote our messages through social media such as facebook and twitter and the national press. We also worked with retail partners throughout the campaign period to drive lamb mince sales at point of purchase.


Keema Nans introduce The Keema Sutra


Keema Sutra pr campaign


Serving up delicious beef and lamb recipes on the small screen

Slow cooked lambWe are pleased to be supporting Healthy Kitchen, a brand new television show for British Muslim TV (Sky 845). The seven-episode series began airing on
6 July.

Healthy Kitchen focuses on mouth-watering, wholesome halal lamb and beef recipes, top cooking and nutritional tips, and insight into how the quality meat you eat gets from farm to fork. It showcases the quality of home grown produce, as well as new and innovative recipes such as the delicious Spiced Pulled Shoulder of Lamb.

You can take a sneak peak of the show here  and find more tasty halal recipes on the Simply Beef & Lamb website.



LambSocThere is a concern that core purchasers of lamb are an ageing group and that youngsters are growing up with a lack of knowledge, experience and any strong affinity to lamb. To address the threat of a future lost generation of lamb consumers, we have developed a PR and social media campaign specifically targeting the
18-25 year old audience. This group is very much from a digital and social media era and, by interacting with them through these channels, we have really started to engage with this audience.


 Communicating the benefits of quality beef and lamb to journalists

When it comes to promoting the benefits of quality beef and lamb, influencing journalists is just as important as communicating the message directly to the end consumer.

Meat elite logo

Our ‘Meat Elite’ programme works with key press titles to provide them with insights, trends and expertise they would otherwise not have access to. Through a series of events and ongoing media placements, we seek to keep beef and lamb front of mind and position ourselves as the ‘go-to’ experts, whether this be for information on new cuts, access to farmer profiles or up-and-coming food trends. By influencing them, we are ultimately ensuring that positive articles and programming appear around beef and lamb in the media, encouraging consumers to purchase it.

Trade marketingQuality Standard Mark


We engage and collaborate with the marketplace throughout the year through our work with multiple retailers, foodservice outlets, wholesalers, and the independent butchery sector.

Working with a variety of retailers, we undertake a number of cut and category-specific campaigns to help them promote of home-produced beef and lamb. This can be achieved through a range of resources, from recipes to point-of-sale material, and providing information around new product development.

Understanding trends within the market is central to our trade marketing work. We analyse and share this information and provide insights on industry developments relating to beef and lamb.

We also work closely with the foodservice sector and their suppliers to ensure that quality assured beef and lamb from England is readily available and marketed to consumers eating out of home. Our promotional activities for the foodservice sector range from producing menu resources to organising pop-up restaurants and showcasing the latest dining trends.

For more information visit visit our trade marketing website