Prime cattle prices higher

In the week ending 25 November the GB all prime average cattle price increased by 1.47p on the week to 365.75p/kg. The measure is nearly 14p above year earlier levels and follows a similar seasonal pattern as the five-year average, picking up in line with processors’ preparations in time for Christmas demand.

Overall, steers gained 2.3p to average 366.5p/kg, while those meeting R4L specification rose by 0.8p to 379.7p/kg. Overall and R4L heifer prices remained unchanged on the week at 368.1p/kg and 378.8p/kg respectively. Overall young bull prices gained the most on the week, up 3p to 344.3p/kg. However, young bull carcases meeting R4L specification gave back some of last week’s price rise, dropping 5p to average 352p/kg.

Overall, cow prices fell a fraction to 231.6p/kg, and those meeting –O4L specification fell by 1.5p to 258.3p/kg.

Estimated prime slaughterings rose again on the week by 3% to 33,100 head, while estimated cow slaughterings fell by 6% to 11,800 head.

Duncan Wyatt