Horizon report – International Consumer Buying Behaviour

The latest AHDB Horizon report – International Consumer Buying Behaviour focuses on consumer attitudes in different countries around the world, and highlights the need for the industry to monitor and adapt to international customer needs if exports to these markets are to grow.

The report highlights that as a country, we cannot rely upon ‘Brand Britain’ alone to boost sales to export markets and that a ‘one-size fits-all’ approach to expanding exports should be avoided, exploring key areas where consumer demands differ across the world including:

  • Top purchase drivers
  • How do consumers judge quality?
  • Exploring how consumers judge if a product is healthy?
  • How important is food safety?
  • Views on British products in the international marketplace
Internal consumer buying habits

The report concludes with Phil Hadley, AHDB International Market Development Director, setting out five guidelines for exporters:

  • Know your market by learning about consumer demands and how your product may be used
  • Research the competition and how your product will fit the market
  • Don’t assume that international consumers will be as familiar with a product as the domestic market may be
  • Adapt product messaging to ensure you highlight how your product meeting the consumer demands.
  • Be focused in your export strategy by knowing where you are looking to operate and growth potential

To read the full report, and other Horizon reports produced by AHDB, click here.