GB lamb prices continue to rise

In the week ending 6 December, the GB liveweight NSL SQQ stood at 176.15p/kg, 2.52p up on the previous week and 10.27p above the same week last year.

Auction market throughputs totalled 145.9 thousand head in the week ending 6 December, a rise of 29% (32.7 thousand head) on the previous week; the highest level since September 2016. Cull ewe throughputs stood at 39.4 thousand head, 5% (1.8 thousand head) higher on the week.

GB deadweight NSL SQQ 2017

In the week ending 2 December, the GB deadweight NSL SQQ recorded a rise of just 0.6p week-on-week, to stand at 397.7p/kg, which is 7.6p higher than the same week last year. Estimated slaughterings for the week were 254.1 thousand head, a 5% (12.2 thousand head) decline week-on-week. Compared to the same week last year, estimated slaughterings were 8% (20.9 thousand head) lower.

Rebecca Oborne AHDB