The 12th annual AHDB Meat Export Conference took place on Wednesday, June 29, in Warwickshire. The conference, which attracted more than 100 delegates, brought into focus post-EU referendum opportunities for meat exports, with AHDB uniting beef, sheep meat and pig meat exporters and other key industry stakeholders to start the dialogue on how to maximise opportunities in the new political landscape.

You can download the presentations from the day by clicking on the relevant link below:

Export update – J.P. Garnier, Head of Exports AHDB Livestock

Market Access: Managing Complexity – Dr Phil Hadley – Head of Supply Chain AHDB

China developments – Karen Morgan, Agriculture Councillor, British Embassy, Beijing

French challenges – Rémi Fourrier, Head of AHDB France

Why Poland? – Marek Schejbal, British-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Nippon Ham in Europe, Japan and further afield – Lee Hoo-suk and Asai Yu