Do it Now

Now is the time to sit down and review your own figures collected over the last grazing season. There can be a large variation in the performance of paddocks across the farm and the best way to identify which ones are holding back the average production is to analyse all the data collected over the season. If you are using a grassland management software it will generate graphs for this purpose, but you can also produce a graph similar to figure 5 in excel to help you note which paddocks are performing under the average.

Figure 5. Reviewing paddocks and overall farm performance

Following a challenging year to say the least, underperforming paddocks will not have recovered well after the drought and this will become apparent when you are assessing your season. It is worth assessing these fields further to make sure soil nutrients, soil structure and sward composition are all in order, or if the field is a good candidate for a spring reseed. When considering a reseed, it is always worth looking at which fields will give you the greater amount of return in terms of increased t DM/ha.

More information is available in the AHDB Grassland reseeding guide.