Beef flavour report
Factors affecting flavour in beef: A literature review, with recommendations for the British beef industry on how flavour can be controlled.

Better returns from meat quality and shelf life booklet
An overview of the key factors along the whole meat supply chain that should be considered in order to optimise meat quality, food safety and customer satisfaction.

Direct facts 1: Maturation for improved beef and lamb
Advice on the pros and cons of different techniques for maturing your beef and lamb. Maximise meat quality and profitability by choosing the right option for your butchery.

Guide to selling direct to the public
An overview of AHDB Beef & Lamb Direct Selling Programme to help get the best out of your direct meat sales.

Guidelines for the development of small cutting plants
An overview of the requirements for establishing a cutting plant. For further information please email Martin Palmer, email Martin Palmer or call 024 7647 8641.

How to set up a butcher’s shop
Guidelines on how to set up your own meat retail business including case studies, checklists and contact details for further information and support.

Marketing a guide for retail butchers and farm shops
A guide for meat retailers on how to maximise your sales opportunities with new and existing customers.

Meat packaging overview
A comparison of the pros and cons of different packaging options for fresh meat and their impact on meat quality.

New Cuts Adding value increasing profit
Research shows new cutting techniques produce more appealing steaks, deliver greater consistency in eating quality and have the potential for enhanced profit. This report shows the results of tests undertaken by AHDB Beef & Lamb to look at the consumer appeal of new beef cuts together with specifications and costings.

Quick guide to the beef labelling scheme
A brief overview of the requirements for the compulsory and voluntary beef labelling schemes produced by the RPA.