The box scheme kits for beef and lamb provide all the support that you need to operate your own box scheme.

Within the beef box scheme kit there are detailed step-by-step cutting specifications for butchering a beef carcase into approximately twenty boxes of 10 – 12 kg in weight depending on starting carcase weight. These cutting specifications can be used by your cutting plant or butcher to prepare boxes with a consistent range of cuts in each box – roasting joints, grilling and frying steaks, casserole joints, braising steaks and mince and diced beef.

The CD in the kit gives guidelines on costings and a template for printing your own posters and labels. Printed freezer-proof meat labels are also available together with posters and recipe leaflet that complement the cuts in the meat box.

The lamb box scheme kit has similar information as for the beef scheme. The cutting specifications for lamb provide three options for a large, medium or small box. Meat labels, posters and recipe leaflet are also available.

Our beef and lamb yield guides will give you a useful example of the expected yield. Please be aware that yields will vary according to carcase weight and classification. The butchery technique used will also affect meat yield.

For more information on the box schemes or to order your kit please contact our Hotline on 0845 491 8787 (the only charge for this call will be your phone company’s access charge).