Boost Your Forage Knowledge

AHDB Beef & Lamb has been working with Farmax since 2011 and has recently helped produce a UK version of its New Zealand software. The software helps grass and forage-based farms to understand supply and demand, to predict future grass covers and to assess how buying or selling stock could affect feed supply.

Two webinars are being held on 22 November and 6 December at 7.30pm. The first of the Winter Webinar series teaches users how to create a new FARMAX farm from scratch. This session is available for users of all experience levels.

The webinar will be presented by Jack Keeys from FARMAX and will cover:

– Creating a new FARMAX farm in the cloud

– Entering pasture, cropping and nitrogen information

– Setting-up an animal enterprise/group of animals

– Applying your own databases

– Looking over summary reports for a new farm


This webinar will also set the scene for the second webinar on 6 December.

To register for the webinar on 22 November, click here.