AHDB Beef & Lamb reveals new selection specialists

A team of industry selection specialists has been trained by AHDB Beef & Lamb as part of its work to help producers ensure their stock meet market requirements.

Based across the country, the fully qualified team is now available to give selection talks and demonstrations to beef and lamb producer and stakeholder groups. This will underpin the key AHDB Beef & Lamb objective of increasing the number of livestock meeting target specification, ultimately improving the competitiveness of the industry.

Steve Powdrill, AHDB National Selection Specialist said: “AHDB has been running popular ‘Live to Dead’ events for more than 10 years. These play a valuable role in helping producers understand the importance of sending livestock to slaughter at the right time, but as part of our new strategy we are keen to get these messages out to more people.

“Having a nationwide team of selection experts who can appear at regional events and address interested groups will help us achieve this.”

The Selection Team initiative is also part of the wider Farm Excellence Platform, which is based on farmer to farmer learning and is a core component of AHDB’s new approach to knowledge exchange and research.

Details of your local representative can be found on the AHDB Beef & Lamb website, along with the range of BRP Selecting livestock for slaughter manuals.

Please download the press release here